telekinesis A telekinetic of the highest order, Heedo's mind has the ability to influence matter directly. As a psionic gift it requires no motion of the body, only thought, and lends itself to being able to move, manipulate, control and feel multitudes of molecules, objects and people at once over monumental distances. With the pressure of Heedo's thoughts he can control anything at a subatomic level and, currently, limitations exist only in not having applied proper practice to the application of the thought. His mind is fully equipped to withstand the force and returns of nature against itself, allowing him to react in fractions of a millisecond to anything thoughtfully; speaking is different but he doesn't mind that. In a system of ranking Heedo levels out somewhere within a mastery of his gift without being in absolute and total control; so while he can easily manipulate vectors and generate force it is still a ways off before he can manipulate the threads of reality or affect breadths of time. His control is so absolute between atoms that he could pick apart whole structures down into dust in a matter of moments; this has been clear since childhood when in a fit of anger the house next door to his own was suddenly turned to dust, furniture, structure, and even some of the land itself changed around what had once been foundation. Within his abilities there are innate gifts and those he has had to learn over time.
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