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Bibi would have taken the sound of their blades sharpening against jagged rocks over the lecture of their ancient voices. People used to talk about how much nicer it was to get to talk in your native tongue at home, how difficult it was sitting through class or movies or concerts in a language you were still learning. But Bibi felt differently. Her chipped nail polish was a good distraction as she picked at her thumb even if it didn't tune them out completely. They made damn sure that unlike the English she'd come to love, their words were going to be exact and full and strong.

They pounded at her like they were fists until finally she had enough and she screamed, screamed until her cheeks shook and her eyes trembled with rage and the whole of the temple fell to silence. "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Though her frame made her half the size of the smallest of the warriors in her clan Bibi had never known intimidation. Not here, not in Texas, not even if Death herself came around and tried to make a play. "It's Bibi now, by the way, and I know you understand it so you're gonna have to Deal with that! And I'm not saying we should run around saving everyone I'm saying that I am not going to let you leave billions of Earthlings stuck on a dying planet just because you think they — like, what? Deserve it?"

Outside, the wind blew, kicked up blue dust until it spread into the air and burned a haze of purple against the windows around them. As a young girl — back when her name was Zrikya and settled more in the throat — Bibi had always thought the purple was mystical and stole the birds out of the sky, sent them to another place. She still did, in her heart of hearts, and nothing that her father said with his stern brows was going to kill that.

Even as he threatened to kill the very reason her heart beat these days. "The boy is not our problem." Every note of his voice echoed as final and Bibi knew it, shoulders slouching in sorry defeat as her eyes of light took in the room.

"Hu?" Her voice rose to the high hum of their home, a daughter speaking right to her father before her English snapped back into place. "Where's your beloved warrior? Isn't that at least your concern?"

After leaving Evan Sanders behind on Earth, the girl known as Tabitha Lee becomes a missing person's case. On her home planet she's finally been found, however, and is faced with a tough decision at every turn. Is she loyal to her people, who are suffering as the worlds collide? Or is she bound to a boy she's known for less than half her life? The questions pour in from every citizen she runs into as they take her back to her father, the Monarch of the Northern Light. With Evan on her mind every step of the way, she finds herself having to worry about more than heartache and abandonment as her father decides to do what must be done to end the collision: destroy Earth.

The highly anticipated sequel to So, We Run?, Keep Me follows Tabitha's journey on Planet 647 as she manages her way through strife, political turmoil and the threat of peril for everything she's ever held dear.


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The door opened with the creaky grace of old age before his eyes. El could remember his grandfather's hands moving that deftly, each finger filled with a dozen years of secrets and practiced repertoire. The key to it, Elias, he had always said, hands full of flour and water, working into dough, is anger.

Beyond the golden door was a scarlet furnace, embers burning like a thousand roses. Petal upon secret petal, each blazing with its own ancient fury. El had never seen anything so beautiful, so intensely and so utterly alive. Now, as he reached one grimy hand out toward wonder, a thousand voices began to sing his name ... and dreadful, terrible fear began to nab its way toward the center of his heart. The room grew cold as blackened ice and the air moved heavy as mountain stones.

Elias Rothschild, run. The singing turned to shouting and the screams drowned inside of their own weight. Something was wrong here. He could feel it pulsing in discord like a deep and ugly scratch on the side of his chest. Then, as he turned to run, the heart of the rose opened before him in a bright dazzle of light. The yellow became a sun, a bright and burning center forged out of death he knew then; death fed these roses in their alien grass and now had come time for new meals.

Run! The voice came clearest of them all, Grandma Ruth breaking through the noise and the intoxication to give her grandson one last warning. The fear shattered long enough for El to pull himself away from the furnace of it all, falling straight on his ass as a round of applause began to echo around him, the laugh so familiar that El almost burst into tears as he reached out for his oldest friend.

"Seriously, El, can't you at least die with a little dignity?"

Sixteen year old Elias Rothschild is no different than any other kid his age; he wants his room left alone, a few good movies a month and way less homework. His parents leave him alone and there's always been little room for want in his life, thanks to a sizable inheritence left to him by his grandparents in their final days. There'd only been one duty he had to live by and in their last will and testament it had been vague and absurd: don't let mazikim win. He'd never listened, until one day he stumbles upon something he was never supposed to see. When Elias finds out his world is anything but ordinary and that lose means more than just his death, will he find enough courage to carry out what his family thought he could? Or will he lose himself to something that's becoming greater than himself?

From Hugo Award winning author Herbert Yu, this first forray into horror novels will thrill, excite and terrify any reader — but not without first asking: "what would you sacrifice to save the light?"

garden dreams...

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My darling star,

Today marks one year since you were last in my arms. It doesn't seem possible. This entire year is still like a dream to me. Disjointed and blurry, so unreal. There are times when I think it really has been a dream. Times when I hear you crying and start toward your room. Other times when I swear I feel you moving inside me, as though you haven't been born yet.

But then I remember, all of it, and I don't think I can stand it any more.

My own mother is making me write this note. I don't know what I would have done without my mother in these months. I wonder if anyone really understands what I'm going through but another mother? Your daddy tries, and I know he must miss you now, so much, but I don't think he can feel this same emptiness.

I'm hollow now. So hollow I think there are times I think I'll just crumble away to nothing.

Part of me wishes I could, but I have your brother. Poor, sweet little boy. He's so confused. He doesn't understand why you're not here.

How can I explain to him, when I don't understand it either?

I know you'll come back to him. You'll have to know we will never stop looking. I pray, every day, that you'll be home to me again some night. Until you are, I pray. That you are safe and well. That you found a way to stop your sins. That you're not frightened anymore. That whoever it is that took you from me is at least kind, and loving; does she rock you in her arms, the way you like?

Are there lullabies?

One day she'll realize, like you, that this is wrong. That you aren't this.

I'm sorry. That I wasn't strong enough to face you and fix you. Sorry, that I turned from you even if it was only for a moment. If I could go back, I'd hold you so close you wouldn't need her anymore. No woman could tear you away.

You're still here in my heart, my baby.

I love you. I miss you.

Yong-Rae folded the pages neatly, slipped them back into the old envelope stained yellow. She put the lid back on the cedar box and set the box on the floor. Leaning over, she switched off her light.

And lay there, in the dark, aching for a mother she barely remembered.

Sik Yong-Rae is trying to balance it all: living in modern-day Seoul, an ailing couple she calls her parents who are reaching their age of retirement, a boyfriend like a blackhole and an old secret that threatens to ruin everything. When a boy claiming himself her brother shows up, her advisors, family and friends all come into devastating conflict with one another and Yong-Rae finds out the bizarre nature of human cruelty in subtle acts. Will she rise over the drowning tide? Or is the storm finally too much for a young girl to withstand? As an exploration of the chameleonic aspects of identity in current society, Garden Dreams from City Lights dives into themes of sacrifice, agony in loss, the past in relation to realities of the present and self-recrimination.